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Asian tiger mosquito found in Kent

Asian tiger mosquito (Aedes albopictus) found for the second time in Kent.

Eggs and larva was found at a truck stop in Kent. Specialists brought in to treat the invasive species. The mosquito does not pose an immediate risk to the public, the decision was made to treat the affected area to help prevent the species becoming established in England. This particular species is not unknown in Europe and it has become more widespread in France.

No need to panic yet !!!

For a mosquito to carry disease it must first bite an infected person. As of yet there have been no reported cases in the neighbouring countries.

Asian tiger mosquitoe

Habitat - In warm regions, Asian tiger mosquitoes are active all year round. However, they are known to overwinter in temperate climates. The females lay their eggs inside items that can hold stagnant water, such as tires, flowerpots, birdbaths and clogged drains.


The bite from a female Asian tiger mosquito can leave an itchy, red bump on the skin. But, the real threat posed by this mosquito is its ability to transmit diseases including West Nile virus, encephalitis and dengue fever.

Colour- Black and white striped legs and body

Legs - 6 Size - 1/8"

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