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Wasp season here...

Wasp or Hornet problem?

It's coming up to the wasp season folks and over the next few weeks you may notice or wonder if you may have a problem.

Examples of a new nest can be from..

Keep finding dead wasps in your house everyday even tho the windows and doors have been shut. When you went into the loft the other day and you saw a quite a few buzzing around the light bulb.

You keep seeing wasps around a certain area of your house or shed, even going underground in the veg patch or compost bin.

There are a lot of bumble bees around at the moment being very busy, they will also nest in your property and they can sometimes be misidentified for wasps. If you are unsure, stand and observe where abouts they are going into your property.

Are they flying and then walking into a certain point- This can be bee's.

Have a look on the floor underneath the entry point- There may be dead wasps or bees there to help ID them.

Wasps are skinny compared to the bee and they tend to just fly into a certain area or entry point and the flight path can be more busy than heathrow airport .

Bumble bees will cause no problems and most of the time the nest will die off in a few months ( Each bee only lives for 2 weeks )

All bees are very important !!! We only deal with bees that are causing a health problem or hazard.

If you are unsure what you may have, we are very happy to come and have a look (*A survey fee may apply and will be taken off the cost if we can do a treatment on bees/wasps/hornets)

If we cannot treat the nest we can advise you,contact a local beekeeper for you or contact another pest control company who can remove the nest.

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