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Summer is coming and so are the wasps

It's not just us who like the summer weather !!

So far we have had a nice cool winter and not many frosts to help control the undesirables aka the common wasp.

You may have already seen the odd quite large wasp in your garden hanging around your plants looking under the leaves and searching around. This time of year wasps are a farmer's friend and help keep the caterpillars and aphids off of their crops.

Unfortunately wasps may have set up home in your loft or shed and may start to cause you problems later on in the year when the nest is big.

You can help stop this early process of the queen setting home by simply spraying the starter nest with a common household flying insect spray then knock down. In a month's time the nest may have grown and knocking down maybe a bit more of a risk to you.

Another problem we are seeing at this time of year in Oxford is the common clothes moth, you may have started to see small golden coloured moths flying around or you keep finding what looks like white grains of rice at the edges of your carpet or bold patches in your carpets.

This could be a Moth problem so don't just ignore them as all they will do is eat your nice carpets and clothes, hoovering everyday will help keep the population down and don't forget to hoover all the dark hidden away places like behind units and under the bed. If you are concerned you may have a problem call us and we can help you rid of them pesky moths from as little as £89.00*

In other news..

CJ pest control receives a number of positive feedback emails and feel it is time to show them on a trusted website review page, we are pleased to say we are now on Trustpilot. Visit us to read what people are saying about us

We are also now on Twitter and post money off codes so don't forget to check us out and follow us

If you think you may have a pest call us free on 0800 999 8184 and speak to the experts in pest control for Oxfordshire.

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