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Happy new year Oxford !!!

Well here we are again, Christmas has passed in a flash and we are in a new year.

We hope everyone has had a nice holiday break.

2017 for us is an exciting time as we plan to start a new Mole service in the next couple of months. We will be posting special money off discount codes on our facebook page

to celebrate the launch of the new service.

We post discount codes regularly so like us and keep updated on all new offers.

With all this cold weather Oxford has had, we have been busy with Rats and Mice looking for nice warm places to shelter, if you have been finding droppings or rodent activity now is the time to call us before it gets out of hand.

In other news we have extended our service area so you can find affordable pest control in Witney & Thame and now start our day an hour earlier.

We hope you do remain pest free but if you do find you have a problem with Rats,Mice,Squirrels,Fleas,Moths,Moles feel free to call us or email us even if it is for some free advice.


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