Mason bee removing a screw.

Amazing video of a mason bee removing a screw in a wall.

Mason bee's do not produce honey or beeswax but are great pollinators

and gather pollen and nectar which the female collects and stores in a small

hole in which she will lay a single egg on top of the mass. (Female eggs are laid at the back and males towards the front) then, she creates a partition of mud to create a wall. she then carries on the procedure until the hole is full and then she seals it up.

She may look close by to start another hole

You can help make a bee hotel by drilling holes in a block of wood or with some

old bamboo canes. Visit HERE for a link to help you.

If you do find you have these at your property, Do not be alarmed they will cause you no hassle and at the end of the year simply fill the holes backup with a cement

to help stop new females making nests in your walls next year.

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