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Now is a good time to check your loft.

Starter nest

After a mild winter the queen wasp will start to be making an appearance and looking for a suitable place to set up her nest.

If you have had a problem in the past, spring is the time to start checking your loft, garage, shed ect for starter nests (*Pic1) If you find one. Spray it first with a common flying insect killer wait 10 minutes and just knock it down. The starter nest will be just the first batch of workers in egg or grub form and a single queen building and taking care of her young.

It is easy to confuse the humble bumble bee with wasp activity from march to may. Most noticed are the humble bumble bee's which can be high up and around the roof/soffit area. There can be quite a few hanging around this can be males looking for a new queen.

Wasps on the other hand don't hang around (unless they have been upset) there will be constant flow path in & out to the entry point.

If you do suspect you have a nest of some kind, stand and observe the area for sometime- Wasps will be fast and slim and flying straight into a certain area/entry point - Bee's will be larger and sometimes doing a orientation flight around the area or landing and walking in. Look on the floor around the area for dead bodies to help identify the species.

If you are still unsure feel free to call us and we can give free advice over the phone or arrange a visit to help identify the insect in question.

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