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Tineola bisselliella

Don't let Moths ( Tineola bisselliella ) do this to your carpet !!!

If you keep finding what looks like grains of rice around the skirting boards or behind your furniture, you may also see badly flying moths in the evening time. ( They are not great at flying and are not very keen on strong sunlight)

This could be a sign of a moth infestation, it can be ignored but they won't go away!! The larvae can continue to munch on your nice carpet and clothes for up to 1 month to 2 years.

CJ Pest control can help- We offer 2 levels of treatment.

£75 for a one off treatment where all the carpets are treated with an insecticide.

For a higher level of infestation we do a space spray in the rooms affected which flushes out the adults and kills them, then a insecticide treatment of all the carpets. We then come back 3 weeks later for a second carpet treatment. (2 moth lures are left for you to hang in your wardrobes at the last visit) all for £140..

Contact us for more information.

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