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Pest control in Oxford

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Wasp nest removal

Wasp nest removal £49.00 - Oxford

Certain pests can be seasonal, such as wasps and hornets.

The queen starts making a nest in spring and you may not notice this until late summer when the wasp nest has grown. Large nests can have up to 5,000 wasps in them.

How our treatment works

We use a special fine powdered insecticide which is highly toxic to wasps and hornets which we apply around gaps where they have been seen entering. This fine powder then sticks to the wasps and hornets and is transported into the nest.

What to do after a treatment

When a wasp nest has been treated it will go into a hyperactive state and you should stay away from the treated area for around 2-3 hours.

When a wasp nest has been physically removed you may notice wasps  returning to where the nest once was and hanging around. This is normal and the wasps should leave after a few hours.

Our guarantee to you

Most of the time just one treatment is needed, however should this

fail and you are still seeing wasps or hornets after 5 days, we will come back and carry out another treatment at no extra cost !!!

Don't get stung by the high cost of a wasp nest removal any more

Treatments are £49.00 and any additional nests treated the same day are just £12 each. 


Q: Is this the total cost or is there VAT?

A: There is no VAT to pay. This is the total cost.

Q: How can I pay?/do you want cash only? 

A: You can pay by credit card, debit card, Paypal and cash.

Q:Your wasp nest removal price is so low compared to other wasp nest removal companies?

A:Firstly, we believe in fair and honest prices on every service we offer and secondly, there is no VAT to pay


Q: Do you need access to my loft to treat the wasp nest?

A: Most of the time, we can treat the wasp nest entry point from ground level outside. However some nest sites may need to be treated in the loft if the nest is not accessible from outside.

Q: Do I need to be home?

A: If we are able to get access from the outside, we can treat the wasp nest entry point then post the report through the door. 

A payment link can be sent to your mobile phone and you can pay online by credit/debit card.

Q: Does the wasp nest need to be removed?

A: No, the wasp nest can be left. A wasp nest cannot be used again.

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