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Pest control in Oxford


Pest control in Oxford

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Rodent proofing services

Rats and mice have a collapsible skeleton which means they can squeeze through very small gaps.

A mouse can squeeze through a hole the size of a biro !! This makes air vents and any small gaps around any pipework outside a potential entry point.

If a mouse or rat can get their head through a gap they can then squeeze their rest of the body through. This makes them excellent intruders and a nuisance to you. 

At CJ Pest control our motto is "prevention is better than cure".  All our technicians at CJ Pest control are dedicated specialist in rodent control with extensive experience working in the domestic and commercial side of the pest control sector.

When you have book a visit with us we always carry out a free site survey.  Our technicians will look high and low for any potential entry points around your property,  we will then advise you on what can be done to prevent any rodents gaining access to your property in the future.

Please note that our team of pest control technicians do not have any sales targets to achieve and any proofing advisory work can be carried out by us or whoever you choose.

In this picture we have fitted a simple device to an air vent to stop rodents gaining access to this property. 

This practical device is also excellent for stopping nuisance insect pests like wasps, slugs, woodlouse and beetles.  Unfortunately this may also reduce the beneficial insects like spiders gaining access to your property.  

Rat pest control

Rats are very common in the drain network. It is like a highway for them to move around from place to place and with no predators around they are free to roam wherever they please and unfortunately they can sometimes discover a way into your property and set up a nice cosy dry warm home.

CJ Pest control carries out drain proofing and monitoring using various methods including special UV tracking dust which shows foot prints or special UV bait blocks which when eaten leaves a dye in their droppings which glow under black light, we look for these in your property to help find the source of the issue.

This procedure is at no extra cost and is included in the rodent treatment price.

A simple one way valve has been fitted to the drain in the picture below. This device works by only letting the waste out, it then closes once everything has passed and stops any rodents from entering your property.

Please contact us for further information on how we can help stop

unwanted guests entering your place of residence or commercial business

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